There's a lot of myth and mystery surrounding hypnosis. Some of these myths include: being in a deep sleep during hypnosis; revealing secrets or saying embarrassing things; losing self control; having no memory after the session; being told to do something against your will or morals; getting stuck in a hypnotic state. This is simply untrue. Hypnosis is incredibly relaxing, yet, you are never asleep during the session, and you will remember everything that you and the hypnotist spoke about. You are in control - you can only by hypnotized if you WANT to be hypnotized - sessions are directed by your intentions and we are only your guide. ​With therapeutic hypnosis, you are placed in a trance for the sole purpose of addressing and correcting a mental or physical issue or condition that you want to change. While in this state, your mind and body are more receptive and willing.

Clients who are undergoing treatments or taking prescribed medications should consult with their doctor before stopping usage or making modifications. Clients who have been diagnosed as bipolar or schizophrenic should continue to consult with their medical practitioner, as hypnosis will not be administered by Wellness Unite.

Our Services Explained

Our Therapist

Jamie Vipond Tait

- Consulting Hypnotist
- Comprehensive Yoga Therapist
- 500-Hour Yoga Teacher
Looking to better control his juvenile diabetes, Jamie stumbled upon yoga. In awe of the benefits, he was inspired to expand his skills and look at other methods of healing. Now, with hypnosis, yoga therapy and yoga, Jamie unites these abilities creating new and beneficial paths towards wellness. Jamie is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, a Certified Yoga Therapist and is a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance. 

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapists are not Doctors, Psychologists, Physical Therapists or other therapeutic professionals - we work in conjunction with modern medicine and healing professionals as a support - offering you a unique and personalised holistic health and lifestyle plan, alongside stress management tools designed especially for your needs and situation. We'll practice breathing skills and you'll learn how these can be used to aid in your growth. We'll review mental exercises, including ways you can clear your mind or help sort through thoughts or memories. You'll learn relaxation techniques to heal yourself. We'll discuss visualization techniques, review nutrition plans and practice yoga postures to aid in clarity, proper digestion, circulation, flexibility and much more. To put it simply, yoga therapy is an opportunity to make positive changes in your life, aid in healing and provide a sense of self. We use all aspects of yoga, traditions over 5000 years old, building a solid plan that you help to design. Food choices, breathing, stretching, postures and much more will be laid out in a simple to follow plan that is specific to you and your goals.