- 200-hour yoga teacher
A decade ago, confronted by a tragic lose, a search for healing, balance and calm brought Tsehay to yoga. She discovered a practice that placed her focus squarely in the present, an approach that directs her attention on the things she could control and gave her permission to let go of the rest. Vowing to share these benefits of yoga with her community, she completed a 200 hr Vinyasa yoga in 2014 and 200 hr Therapeutic yoga in 2015. Tsehay’s classes focus on clarity of alignment (asana), a  connection to  breath (pranayama), and a mindful investigation of what qualities present themselves (meditation) and deep relaxation/body awareness (yoga Nidra).

- 200-hour yoga teacher

Yoga has been part of Vittoria’s life for 24 years. She views Yoga as an “old trusting friend that can always be counted on”. The practice has helped her grow stronger, resilient and fearless both on and off the mat. Vittoria has completed a 200-hour Anusara Teacher Training, which she applies in her gentle and restorative classes, offering a calm, uplifting approach. She offers creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness and a dose of inspiration to help you deepen your personal practice. Vittoria takes you beyond the physical aspects of yoga and brings you into your own sacred space.

- 500-hour yoga teacher
Alanna took her first yoga class at 13 and instantly fell in love Yoga wove in and out of her life until she was 21, when during a trying time she turned to yoga and nature as a way to find peace and love within herself. After 2 years in an energy exchange program, she met her yoga guru, a priest from India who founded Freedom Yoga Gurukul. She took his teacher training course and  began teaching. Branching off on her own, she found that a strong flow class is what makes her come alive. Alanna encourages herself and others to try new things and enjoy the time spent in  class. 

- 200-hour yoga teacher

Vika started practicing yoga when she began experiencing numerous health problems from digestion, chronic pain to panic attacks & anxiety. With scoliosis running the show within her body for years, she knew she had to strengthen and find flexibility in body and mind. After only 5 months of dedicated yoga practice, Vika was determined to become a teacher. She has now completed the 200 and is on her way to the full 500 hours, she is a dedicated manifestation coach and a reiki practitioner. With an open heart she comes into this chapter of her life, where she can dedicate the energy to healing and helping others heal.


- 200-hour yoga teacher
Susan was drawn to yoga as a teenager living in a Northern Ontario community. With no local studios, access to yoga was through library books and brief television shows. Since coming to Hamilton 30 years ago, Susan has been practicing at studios regularly and in 2016 completed her 200 hour
yoga teacher training. She is currently completing her Restorative training. Susan enjoys a gentle hatha practice including twists and standing poses and also
incorporates mindfulness and relaxation practices in her teaching. She  experiences the physical and emotional benefits of yoga as never ending.

- 500-hour yoga teacher

- Consulting hypnotist

- Comprehensive
  Yoga Therapist

Looking to better control his juvenile diabetes, Jamie stumbled upon yoga. In awe of the benefits, he was inspired to expand his skills and look at other methods of healing. Now, with hypnosis, yoga therapy and yoga, Jamie unites these abilities creating new and beneficial paths towards wellness. Jamie is a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance, a Certified Yoga Therapist and is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. Join Jamie for  yoga classes, or book a private ​one-on-one session in Yoga Therapy or Therapeutic Hypnosis.