BUZZ-OFF - The fear and phobia package

Fears and phobias can hit the road. With this package you can begin to overcome anything, from a debilitating fear of bees to taking that flight. Find inner strength and nerves of steel.

Includes: two 1.5 hour sessions   $225.00 

LIGHTS OUT - The better sleep package

No need to count sheep. Simply get into bed and shut those eyes and let yourself drift into dreamland.  With this package you will stop watching the clock and you will finally get that sleep you have always wanted. Feel safe, relaxed and wake happy.

Includes: two 1.5 hour sessions    $225.00 

HIT THE BOOKS - The study and concentration package

Need to improve your grades or refocus your study habits? Well you can. With this package you can finally get organized, problem solve, lose your anxiety and be ready for that exam. Find new energy and keep a positive attitude while you accomplish those goals.

Includes: two 1.5 hour sessions   $225.00 

RESET AND RESTORE - The memory restoration package

Clear out the cobwebs of your mind. Unblock past memories and learn to keep them open. Reprogram your mind to be capable of storing all new experiences and memories.

Includes: two 1.5 hour sessions and one 1 hour session   $300.00 

BREATHE - The pain management/relaxation PACKAGE

Smile and take a deep breath. Release the tension and let your mind and body heal and rest. This is your opportunity to add positive influence and relaxation to your life. Laugh, forgive and heal.

Includes: two 1.5 hour sessions   $225.00 

KEEP IT TOGETHER - the breaking bad habits package

Kick that habit to the curb. Learn to say no, or just stop. Find that inner strength and fulfill your heart's desire to reach that goal. No more frustration, guilt or shame. Be done with self sabotage and forgive yourself. 

Includes: two 1.5 hour sessions and one 1 hour session   $300.00

OPEN YOUR HEART - The relationships PACKAGE

Get back into the swing of things, awaken feelings and laugh. Learn to communicate, curb temper and let go of frustration. This is just what you need to forgive, make that decision or increase libido and performance.

Includes: two 1.5 hour sessions and one 1 hour session   $300.00

SHANTI - The stress relief PACKAGE

Find your bliss. Allow your mind to gently release stress, frustration, road rage, and drift deeper into happiness. Cultivate a new way of thinking, being and acting and learn the joys of humour and forgiveness. Relax.

Includes: two 1.5 hour sessions and one 1 hour session   $300.00

FORVER YOUNG - The feel better, look better and have more energy package

Get-up, get-ready and get-going! It's time to hit the town and be the person you once were or always wanted to be. Show off your new confidence and your magnetic charisma. Be happy, motivated, energetic and easy-going. Forgive others, and believe in yourself.

Includes: two 1.5 hour sessions and one 1 hour session  $300.00 

PUT THE COOKIE DOWN - The weight loss and better eating package

Sometimes we need help to get back on the wagon. Make better food choices, feel good knowing you are making a healthy change. Fling off frustration and swat away the sugar addiction. Stop with self hate and get active. Be healthy.

Includes: two 1.5 hour sessions and one 1 hour session  $300.00 

BUTT OUT - The stop smoking package

QUIT SMOKING - it's that simple. Quitting smoking is not about willpower, it's about intention - if you WANT to quit, you can, now is the time. Feel no shame or fear of commitment. If you want to stop, then you can. Be happy, be successful and know that you are worth it.

Includes: two 1.5 hour sessions and one 1 hour session  $300.00

LET'S GET PHYSICAL - The fitness and exercise package

Could you use a kickstart to help you achieve your fitness goals? Get the inspiration and energy to exercise. Motivate and gain confidence, stop the procrastination and accomplish that goal.

Includes: two 1.5 hour sessions   $225.00 

LET IT GO - The overcoming grief and loss package

It's never easy picking up the pieces. Worry less, find inner strength and aid in decision making. Allow yourself to breathe, forgive and accept.

Includes: two 1.5 hour sessions   $225.00 

READY, SET, GO - The sports, competition and performance package

And the crowd goes wild. Shake away the pre-game jitters and believe in yourself, gain more confidence and throw off that fear of failure. Enhance your game while boosting your energy, and be happy with your success.

Includes: two 1.5 hour session   $225.00  

REINVENTION - The confidence and change package

Walk with your head held high, laugh out loud and be all you can be. Set your sights on new goals with your confidence and motivation. Be a success and make a difference in your life.

Includes: two 1.5 hour sessions   $225.00 


3 x 90 MINUTE SESSIONS: $250 (+HST)

Includes yoga pose sequences, treatment plan, a take-home plan, breathing exercises, relaxation exercises, ​nutrition suggestions and maintenance techniques. The number of sessions required is based on individual needs. ​3 sessions are typically recommended. 

personal development:

  • Inner conflict
  • Guilt
  • Addiction
  • Over spending
  • Concentration
  • Confidence
  • Self Esteem
  • Athletic performance

relaxation and sleep:

  • Stress
  • Positive attitude
  • Sleep issues
  • ​Forgiveness


  • Ego strengthening
  • Sexual performance
  • Fear of rejection​​

pain management:

  • Self healing
  • Worrying
  • Pain release​


  • Chakra alignment
  • Intuition

fears and phobias:

  • Public speaking and performance
  • Flying
  • Insects and spiders
  • Heights
  • Small spaces
  • Elevators

weight management

  • Eating patterns and habits
  • Exercise
  • Food for health
  • ​Weight release

smoking cessation

  • Motivation
  • Reaching your goal
  • Breaking habits​

We offer unique packages that are carefully selected, designed to enhance positivity or overcome issues common in today's lifestyle. Our pre-designed packages can be tailored to suit your needs and offer an ​average savings of $75 based on $100 per hour. Contact Jamie for more information. For more personalized treatments of a single issue, we offer hourly sessions at $100 per hour.

Below are just some of the many issues Wellness Unite Hypnosis addresses:
Below are just some of the many issues Wellness Unite Yoga Therapy addresses:

Yoga Therapy

  • Stress
  • Anxiety & panic attacks
  • Fears & phobias
  • Depression
  • Addiction
  • Chronic pain
  • Sleep issues
  • Focus & direction
  • Nutrition​​
  • Coping skils
  • Self esteem and body issues​​
  • ​Lifestyle choices