New to yoga? What to bring, what to wear and how to prepare!

At Wellness Unite, yoga is for everyone. We have an intimate space and an encouraging environment, suitable and welcome to all levels and abilities. New to yoga? Here are a few things you'll need to know:

  • Wear fitted and comfortable exercise clothes in which you can sweat.
  • We encourage everyone to bring their own personal yoga mat. If you don't have one yet, we have loaner mats at the front of the studio. As well, we sell mats - ask your instructor for details.
  • A bottle of water, and sometimes a small towel for our vinyasa based classes - you will sweat!
  • Please arrive to the studio about 15 minutes before your first class to meet your instructor and fill out a short “new student” form. This will also leave ample time for you to ask any questions, prepare for class and get comfortable on your mat.
  • Be respectful of other yoga students, which includes recognizing your own chatter, perfumes/colognes or anything that might be disruptive.

Killer Core - Killer Core is a fast-paced, vinyasa/flow style series of yoga poses set to music to awaken, strengthen and lengthen the core of your body. You'll develop a strong middle, increase flexibility and gain upper-body strength, while helping with overall stability and stamina.

Hypno-Yoga - EXCLUSIVE: Hypno-yoga mixes the yin/yang style of yoga, with the added bonus of a gentle, guided hypnosis during an extended relaxation period after asanas. You will be inspired, uplifted and infused with a sense of purpose - many students have said this class feels like "finding bliss".

Yin - Yin is the method of holding poses for extended periods of time - quite the opposite of the typical 'yang' style of yoga. Most often poses are relaxed on the floor, stretching connective tissue, harmonizing the flow of energy along your spine, while building upper-body strength and increasing lower-body flexibility. Yin soothes the nervous system, promoting improved sleep by cooling the body.

Gentle/Restorative - Based on classical Hatha, gentle/restorative yoga is a less intense, laid-back practice. Its beneficial for those who are looking for a relaxed workout and is perfect for those who cannot meet the demands of physically straining exercises. Working with gentle, flowing and restoring postures, allowing the body to receive the benefits of practice. Created for those with restrictions, injuries and limitations, or those just seeking a gentle flare.

Broga® - Wellness Unite is proud to be the ONLY studio in Southwest Ontario licensed to offer Broga®Yoga - CLICK HERE to read what it's all about, and why you should make BrogaYoga part of your fitness toolbox! Suitable for men or women of all ages.

A path to change and balance.

Wellness Unite offers an intimate, non-judgemental space with a small limit class size for beginners to advanced students - all levels of experience are welcome. Our instructors take cues from the class and offer routines that benefit everyone. We provide safe instruction and alternate poses with emphasis on your comfort. We teach a classical style - a combination of physical postures, breathing exercises, philosophy, concentration, meditation and spirituality. Yoga is for everyone - join us at Wellness Unite to experience the benefits.

Our yoga classes:

Classic - Our Classical Yoga classes combines physical postures, breathing and other techniques to find balance and increase health. This class is a great choice for students of all levels, regardless of physical abilities, and is of great benefit to those with neck or back issues, shoulder or knee injuries and chronic headaches.

Yoga Basics - Want to ease your way in? Many students start with our Yoga Basics/Intro Yoga class. These classes are designed to help you become familiar with basic yoga postures, breathing techniques, and proper alignment.

Yin/Yang Flow - This challenging flow class is structured in blocks, where you'll experience the more internal, cooling and longer held postures of yin, balanced with the more active, moving and heat producing yang asanas. An interactive class that's high-energy, with upbeat music and a 'fun' atmosphere, put yourself to the test and laugh while doing it.

Hatha Flow - "Hatha" means "sun/moon" (hat=sun, ha=moon) and is intended to unite the opposite parts of yourself. Suitable for students of all levels, Hatha incorporates a more upbeat pace, combining classic yoga asanas with breathing techniques in a flowing sequence.